Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunny Saturday

It sure was a beautiful Saturday morning!

Took the Pups to the Pet Expo today. We got a ton of "freebies" and some frisbees too lol! Most of all the baby (she's 23 weeks old) finally got to socialize with other dogs other than her brother. They had an off leash area that was fenced in and I thought "perfect!" She was a little cautious at first and just followed him around at first but then she just jumped right on in and was having the time of her life playing with all the other doggies.

My male dog in the meantime was also having a blast as he was the only boy dog in the fenced off area. Much to my embarrassement he tried to be a little too friendly with a couple of the little ladies in pink sweaters there and I had to correct him and remind him to watch his gentlemanly manners lol! It's been a long hard winter and it was very hard to get out of the house with all the snow and ice we had so a break like this was good for both of them and me as well.

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