Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roaming around Rodale...

This afternoon I took a trip out to The Rodale Institute. It's not far from me and I wanted to find out about their upcoming courses. LUCKY me I actually got a Volunteer Apprenticership with them! I can't wait to start as I LOVE to garden and was recently laid off after several years from the Law Firm I worked for in New York City and well, things are very slow lately due to the economy. So this will give me something to do till I'm able to find another job in my field (Ha! No pun intended).

For those of you who are not familiar with the Rodale Institute was founded in 1947 by Jerome Irving Rodale as the Soil and Health Foundation. It continues as a 333-acre (1.35 km2) working organic crop farm with research trials and a visitor’s center near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The Institute outreaches to farmers throughout North America and the world to promote economically viable sustainable farming techniques that benefit human health and the environment. Offered on the Institute’s dynamic website are: 1) the online Organic Transition Course (funded by the USDA’s Risk Management Agency); 2) the Organic Price Report, a weekly comparison of U.S. wholesale organic and non-organic prices in various locations; 3) the New Farm webzine, offering stories by and about farmers and researchers practicing cutting-edge organic agriculture; and 4) continuously updated sections containing news and research focusing on how biologically based farming can curb global warming, improve the nutrient value of food and play a role in fighting hunger worldwide. For more information check their website http://www.rodaleinstitue.org/

Below are some pics I took of the Institute while I was there today.


This is their latest project. A Garden Rooftop!

Pretty neat right?

The "Igloo" you see is actually a Greenhouse!

Another angle of the Rooftop Garden

Garden Beds Galore!!

Come into my Garden

Good morning all!

Bit overcast and cloudy here this morning. Got out into the garden though and took some photos of my garden I thought I might share with you.

Isn't she lovely? Got a great deal on her at our local Ollie's store. Her wing had broken off and all she needed was a bit of glue and she was as good as new!

These Iris are beautiful!

Here's the beginning of the veggie patch. I have Lettuce, cukes, Beans, snap peas, onions, carrots, beets, asparagus, some peppers, some toms (others are in containers around the garden), beets, cauliflower and broccoli all crammed in there LOL! Along with peppers and toms growing in containers throughout the garden and there is also large bucket that contains potatoes! I'm also growing a strawberry patch (in front of the Precious Moments Gardener at the foot of the veggie patch) and blueberries.

Isn't this little guy so cute? I got him at Lowes on Clearance last fall for $20. Now they want almost $50! Not too bad for a frugal find.

This little beauty I found at the side of the road on Trash Day. There was nothing wrong with her other than she needed a new pump. $10 fixed that problem!

Here's my "Outhouse" shed. Another frugal find! $30!! Down from $100 last fall on Clearance!

And here's the patio that I'm trying to get finished up.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the front yard. Till then...

Nighty Night...

Well, it's almost 3 am and after tinkering around for hours trying to add different elements to my newly created blog I'm about tuckered out. Time for some Zzzzzzs.

Till the next time we meet, I wish you all a Good Night!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Depression Era Cooking

With the economy in tatters right now and thousands upon thousands of people loosing their jobs right now, money is TIGHT to say the least!
We should therefore look to our seniors for tips and guidance, since afterall they have been through some of the roughest times ever experienced. Coming from Depression Era parents myself I can truly relate to this lady. Meet Clara!


A new begining

Well, this is my very first post on my very first blog.

Please be patient with me as this is a whole new experience for me, but I'll get it soon enough. As it is now 1:30am and it took me hours to figure out how to get this far I am just about ready for some Zzzzzzs. Hope you all have a good night and please check back soon for updates.