Friday, November 6, 2009

Unemployment Hits 10.2%!

Today the Government reported that our nation's unemployment rate has reached 10.2%. It is the highest that this rate has been since April 1983.

Government efforts to end job losses have had limited effects, although the current administration estimated last month that 640,000 were created or saved by the federal stimulus package passed earlier this year. But that's modest compared to the 3.4 million jobs that have already been lost since January 2009.

There is some small relief for the millions who are out of work though. Thanks solely to some kind hearted business men and woman around the country. If your unemployed you may be interested in some of these "freebies" that are being offered. From free dry cleaning to a no-cost vacation, these 5 businesses have come up with creative ways to help out unemployed residents in their communities.